JVA Law specialise in criminal defence and serious fraud defence. Based in Covent Garden, serving all of London, our goal is to deliver the best possible service to our clients.


Criminal Defence

Criminal law is a complex area. Those who are legally represented usually fare better in proceedings than those who represent themselves.


Our Service

We pride ourselves on careful and thorough preparation of cases as well as an active defence of our clients' interests.


Defending Your Rights

Any allegation of criminal misconduct is serious for the person against whom it is directed and we aim to deal with all clients sympathetically and promptly as well as obtaining the best result possible.


We represent clients at any stage of the proceedings including police station, magistrates court and crown court.

Serious Fraud

We deal with cases involving all areas of fraud including diversion fraud, advance fee fraud, fraudulent trading, missing trader intra community fraud, money laundering, VAT fraud, revenue and tax fraud, insurance fraud and pension fraud.

Motoring Offences

We deal with cases involving mobile phone use, no insurance, careless driving, drink & drug driving, vehicle defects, dangerous driving and failing to comply with traffic signs and signals.

Tax Evasion

We deal with all cases involving tax evasion and facilitation, including VAT fraud, money laundering, false accounting and missing trader intra community (MTIC) fraud and cases falling under the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

Violent Assaults

We deal with cases involving GBH, ABH and other forms of Assault. There are certain defences which can often be applicable in such cases, depending upon the facts of the case.

Internet Crime

We deal with cases involving computer hacking, identity theft, credit card scams, investment schemes and phishing.


We deal with cases involving theft, robbery and burglary.


We specialise in all drugs offences from the least serious, for example being possession of controlled drugs, to the more serious conspiracy and supply, importation and production of controlled drugs.


We handle cases falling under the Extradition Act 2003, including European Arrest Warrants.


Private Funding

At JVA Law, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service for all our clients. We will discuss with you the nature and complexity of your case, and either agree a fixed fee or an hourly rate charge to best suit you. Our rates are highly competitive.

Legal Aid

You may be able to get legal aid to pay the costs of your representation at Court, if your case meets the Interest of Justice test and you pass a means test examining your financial situation. In particular, if your case passes the Interest of Justice test, you will be eligible for legal aid if any of the following applies:

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